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2-Year-Old Indian Girl Suffers From Rare Skin Disease That Causes Lizard-Like Scales All Over Her Body


A 2-year-old Indian girl is suffering from a rare skin disease, lamellar ichthyosis. It affects just one in every 600,000 people. This disease caused the child developing lizard-like scales all over her body.

The girl, Shama is the victim of this disease and it causes her skin to harden. Every day the toddler is suffering the tremendous pain.

It is a rare genetic skin disorder and is present at birth. The affected children are born in a collodion membrane, a shiny, waxy-appearing outer layer to the skin. Those who are affected with the disease tend to have plate-like scales covering their skin on most of their body.

her family

This is an autosomal recessive genetic disorder. It means the defective gene is located on an autosome and both parents must carry one copy of the defective gene in order to have a child born with the disorder. Carriers of a recessive gene generally do not show any symptoms of the disorder.

The victims with this rare condition may develop infections, respiratory problems, excessive loss of fluids, hair loss, abnormally formed fingernails and toenails, an increased sensitivity to heat, a decreased ability to sweat, difficulty bending the hand joints and an increased sensitivity to heat.

But the worst part is there is no cure for the disease. But the victim can be relieved by regularly applying moisturisers, eye drops etc.

releived by moisturisers

The child’s parents Roshni Banu and Sabir Ali who live in a slum in Delhi stated that they have visiting mosques, temples, bought home remedies but all in vain.

Earlier, consultant dermatologist and British Skin Foundation representative Dr. Anjali Mahto stated, “Lamellar ichthyosis is a genetic disorder that mainly affects the skin. Skin cells are produced at a normal rate but not shed normally resulting in scaling of the skin. Babies may be born with a collodion membrane and may have problems with temperature regulation, and infection at birth.”

This statement came after Mail Online reported last year in September about a similar painful story of a young brother and sister in India who suffer from the disease.

Sayali Kapase, 13 and her brother Siddhant, 11 have scales all over their bodies and dried skin keeps peeling off.

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