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20 People Including 14 Rebels Were Killed In A Car Bomb Blast In Syria

car bomb blast

On Thursday, a car bomb blast close to a rebel checkpoint near the Turkish-Syrian border in northern Syria killed at least 20 and injured 25, most of them were Syrian rebel fighters.

The blast took place close to a checkpoint manned by a Free Syrian Army’s (FSA) Jabhat al Shamiya group near a car depot about two km away from the border crossing, a leading conduit for traffic between opponent held northern Syria into Turkey.

Injured were taken to Azaz Hospital and mosques were appealing to people to donate blood. Eight were in critical condition among the injured and were taken to Turkish Hospitals across the border. The death toll may rise because of the number of critically injured.

after blast

The Bab al Salama crossing is near to the city of Azaz, a major stronghold of Turkish-backed and Western-vetted moderate FSA Syrian rebel fighters involved in a major operation along another stretch of border further to the northeast against the remaining presence of Islamic State militants along the border.

The attack comes a week after 25 people killed when an Islamic State militant blew himself up in Atmeh border crossing between Syria’s opposition areas in Turkey and the province of Idlib in northwestern Syria.

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