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Can Academic Environment Helps To Change An Abnormal Girl? Read Story Of Puja Dutta

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The beautiful environment of an educational institution and the academic system completely changed a girl with special needs. Madina village’s (Goghat) Puja Dutta took admission to school with her nearly 50 percent of the psychological obstruction. She is currently a local saint-Medina Elementary School fourth-grader. Her father, Prashanta Dutta do the job of developing wooden furniture. The family is in lack.

Her mother, Sadhana Dutta said that puja couldn’t speak even after a long time other children usually speaks. She started to speak at the age of 4 years. She said, “From the very beginning we understood that she is not like the other normal children of her age. She wasn’t willing to talk at all. Just like solitude and loneliness was her only friend. She sits alone all the time. She even can’t remember anything.” She further said, “We were so worried about her that we can’t sleep at night.” The went to many doctors for her cure and gave medicine as the doctor prescribed, but she wasn’t benefited. Even they took her to the temples by various advices but there was no change in her condition.

At last she was admitted to local primary school. And then gradually she changed. In Sadhana Dutta’s opinion the main credit goes to Ramanuj Chattopadhyay, the retired headmaster of the school. However, Mr. Chatterjee retired on September 30.

Mr Chatterjee said, “Pooja likes the environment of our school. The teaching method gave her a deep love. So she gradually came back to her normal life. She started to concentrate in studies and began to rank well in her exams. She gave surprise to everyone after getting 20 out 20 in some of the exams. Even she proved her skills in school’s prayer and commitment reading. Now she can say the commitment reading in her own, unlikely to her friends who reads by seeing the copy.”

She is better now than her previous condition. Puja is the bright example of how the academic system and beautiful environment of an educational institution can help a girl back to her normal life.

Abhisikta Ganguly
Abhisikta Ganguly
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