Arrest Of Dr. Dhiman Ganguly: What Is The Actual Story?
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What Is The Actual Story Behind The Arrest Of City’s Renowned Pulmonologist Dr. Dhiman Ganguly?

doctor in police custody

Seven days ago an eminent Kolkata pulmonologist Dr. Dhiman Ganguly was arrested for allegedly molesting a patient. According to police, the incident happened in the Phoolbagan area’s Suraksha Polyclinic.

A 21 year old mass communication student of Calcutta University complained that after she sought an appointment the doctor called her in his chamber. A source said that during the time of physical examination the doctor touched her inappropriately when no one was present in the chamber.

Debasmita Das, the DC of eastern suburban division said that the accused was arrested based on the victim’s complaint.

The accused doctor holds an MD and also has international medical training. His family said that the doctor was innocent.

The girl is from Phoolbagan. A police officer said she told her relatives that behind the closed door of the clinic the doctor behaved strangely with her, she panicked and ran out from there.

Twist and turn in the story

Dr. J.K. Samaria, Secretary of Indian Chest Society Ex-professor & Head, Department of Chest Diseases stated that he talked to the accused doctor. He came to know that Dr. Ganguly examined the girl in front of her mother and aunt.

He checked her for supra pubic tenderness for fever, cough and urinary burning to rule out any UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) as he was not convinced the possibility of chest infection as claimed by the girl. Then the girl created scene and her mother and aunt also joined that. “The rest of the story enclosed”.

Some reliable sources stated that this is simply a political game in which the doctor was the victim of revenge.

Sources said that a patient nearer to a TMC leader has been admitted in Divine Nursing home in Beleghata under Dr. Dhiman Ganguly for 13 days, some days ago before the incident happened. He said to the doctor not to charge him any fees but the doctor clearly denied. This is the case the whole incident was planned and Dr. Ganguly was framed.

Dr. Ganguly was arrested under section 354 (non bailable) and still now in police custody.

For the sake of check up sometimes doctors have to check sensitive areas of human body. Investigative officers must investigate all these things properly and also if there was any political game. Just a verbal accusation can’t prove someone is guilty. If the girl’s accusation is right then it’s fair to punish him. But if all things were planned then no one has right to violate the Indian act and punish an innocent.

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Suchismita Biswas
Suchismita Biswas
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22 thoughts on “What Is The Actual Story Behind The Arrest Of City’s Renowned Pulmonologist Dr. Dhiman Ganguly?

  1. I knew this doctor and he is a very humble person …so much jolly…for professional reason I also met him many a times ..sometimes we both are alone in chamber..but he behaved so much properly….it is hard to believe such incident

  2. Well timed subject.. It is a racket, in which they use the girls/women to trap a good soul. It reminds me of Mr. Ashok Ganguly, the retired judge, who was insulted and humiliated a few months ago.

  3. extremely annoying social symptoms. If a reputed doctor like Dr Ganguly is suffering such terrible humiliation in the hand of such lumpens, then i really shudder to think about the fates of doctors who are posted in bondooks back and beyond.

  4. To eliminate any chance of accusations it is the Doctors responsibility to make sure that a nurse is present when it comes to examining a patient of the opposite sex. He said, she said, is all academical at this juncture

  5. Cost of Medicare is rising. Keeping a chaperone is must in such social environment and increase your consultation fee.Install CCTV in your clinic with notifications that you are under surveillance. Else do not touch female patients and ask for investigation for silly symptoms. Allas! Why I became Medico.

  6. I was very small when I was referred to dr. Gangly by a monk of R.K. Mission The doctor is innocent and a fatherly figure. Such kind of shameless people who accuse such a senior person should be punished. So that our doctors are safe. It’s a noble profession

  7. Dr Ganguly an humble pious soul is very close to RKMission.
    He is God to many patients and a very honest doctor who never sent patients for unnecessary diagnostics or medication
    Shame on those who conspired to malign such a great physician

  8. I know this doctor. He is a genuine humble person and a gentleman. He cannot do such an act. It is all framed. When the patient was examined in front of her mother and aunt, that means there was a female attendant with the physician. The reason is also clearly stated that for what purpose examination was done. And during physical examination, a physician has to check thoroughly to rule out the the probable root cause to reach to a provisional diagnosis and treatment purpose. Nothing more to say. Doctors are nowadays has become easy victims of anything you want to put charge on. He is attached to Ramakrishna Mission Seva Pratishthan. I worked under him in my internship period.

  9. The fate of a Doctor, his reputation cannot be demolished byThese type of hooligans under political shelter, how hard may they try! Truth shall come out. And the wicked will be punished. The doctor will be hailed as before!

  10. Find out the name of the “Neta” and write a complaint to the chief minister signed by all doctors of west Bengal.l hope it will work.Where are our Doctor Netas now.

  11. well don’t know about the actual incident, but i do know one thing that doctors are an easy trap for everyone, only because we are not united with each other at a ground level.

  12. Divine Nursing Home is generally used by many of the Left leaders. This is a clear case acquiring the others property/party offices/clubs/ social welfare organization/ belonging/membership(MLA, Panchayet/and what not?
    Everything belongs to the one party. All of us will have to work with the whims of the small, medium, big party leaders and their fractions. Shame to the party leaders for such nasty games with the motherly women folk. I hate it.

  13. This is kaliyug. Bad and wrong will always win. Actually, now i understand why all western countries have adopted a defensive practice. Talk nicely with the patient and try to understand what he or she wants, no matter , if that strategy is useless. In our country also the same thing will happen today or tomorrow. Doctors will first think of safety and then comes treatment. Police will be surely hyperactive since it is a powerless doctor. They can easily frighten him and earn some money.

    Ohh, yes…people may think why i am not supporting the female patient. This is because, no idiot will try to molest a female in front of other two females. Here, actually, these females may be doing a business of earning money in this way……by making some out of the court settlements…who knows.

  14. I know the Doctor Ganguly since 2008, He is almost god to me….I have never seen such a well behaved doctor…like Dr. Ganguly.
    It is completely a racket massacre.
    My hate to that girl.

    Expecting the release of Doctor as soon as possible.

    Dr. Susanta Chaudhuri
    Assistant Professior,
    Dept of Geological Sciences,
    Jadavpur University

  15. I have worked with Dr. Dhiman Ganguly for many years, his professional knowledge, moral integrity and devotion for the cause of humanity is impeccable. He is definitely a victim of filthy socio-political environment of West Bengal. He has been uncompromising whatever is legally and morally wrong, that is why he has been paying toll for the values he has been standing for. I feel pity for the common people, who would be ultimate sufferer of this wrong doing of the political henchmen. Eventually, people from West Bengal would have to travel to other states to avail service of good doctors. Having said that, I must alert my professional fraternity in West Bengal that, doctors being very vulnerable to this type of wrong doing, they should not examine any patient without presence of an attendant for any patient, male or female. I am sure that Dr. Ganguly has been framed, and unfortunately, common people would have to pay price of the wrong doing.

  16. It is a tragedy that such a humble , father figure is having to undergo such rabid accusations and character assasination after decades of exemplary commitment. There is definitely some foul play. It could also be some other doctor/big hospital racket behind this. We are living is sad sad times. Shame.

  17. This has nothing to do with doctors but men as a whole. Men can be easily targeted in such a way with false dowry, rape and sexual harrasment cases. Time to change these idiotic women centric laws. It’s time to become men’s rights activists and meninists. Enough is enough. Demand:
    . 1.Ask for gender neutral laws. 2.Strict punishment for false cases. 3. [27/09 3:06 pm] divya verma: Men’s commission
    Dyk: Men commit 2 times suicide than women.
    I support this because cause not for all docs but all men.

  18. I know Dr. Ganguly personally. He is a godly person & devoted. Shame to our society and the system where in an innocent & totally dedicated Dr. who has cured so many patients is a victim of some nonsense people of high political connections. Common people will suffer because Dr. will be cautious and take appropriate measures which will increase cost. The real culprints should be booked & severely punished & Respec of Dr. Ganguly should be restored.

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