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BJP MP Subramanian Swamy Says India Should Support Baloch Separation If Jadav Executed


Rajya Sabha MP and NJP leader Subramanian Swamy said India should prepare for taking “stringent action” against Pakistan and warn it of negative consequences if Kulbhushan Jadhav is executed.

“We should prepare to take stringent action against Pakistan. Today, we should give warning that consequences would be bad for Pakistan if Jadhav is executed,” Swamy told reporters outside the Parliament.

He said that New Delhi should recognize Balochistan as an independent nation if Pakistan executes Jadav. Jadhav, a former Indian Naval officer, was awarded the death sentence by a Pakistani military court after he was declared a “spy” in that country.

“If Pak hangs Jadhav then India must recognize Balochistan as an independent country,” he said in a tweet. Speaking to reporters outside the Parliament, Swamy said it was useless to ask for consular access for Jadhav.

Kulbhushan Jadhav

Noting that Pakistan targeted Jadhav after claiming he was creating problems in Balochistan, the MP said, “We must threaten Pakistan that if anything happens to Jadhav…we will consider Balochistan as an independent nation and call Baloch representatives and ask them to form a government in exile.”

He told CNN-News, “Pakistan is modern jungle… PM of Pakistan is a zero… Why is Jadhav being made the target.”

He said India should discard the “wrong perception” that an India-Pakistan friendship is necessary to have Hindu-Muslim unity in the country.

Pakistan has alleged that Jadhav was a serving officer in the Indian Navy and deputed to the Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW). India has acknowledged Jadhav as a former Indian Navy officer but denied the allegation that he was in any way connected to the government.

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