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BJP Yuva Morcha Leader Yogesh Varshney Want Apology For His Comments Of Beheading Mamata Banerjee


Yogesh Varshney, a leader of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, regrets his death threats to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

After his comments, he now says, “I respect women. I respect Mamata Banerjee. I apologize.” Even after wanting apology, he expressed concern about being arrested by the CID in his close circles. He is inquiring Bengal’s BJP leaders to know about investigating relating his comments.

A case has been filed under Indian Penal Code section 120 B (criminal conspiracy) and 506 (intimidation and threats) in various police stations in the state. Section 115 and 117 has been added.

This Yuva Morcha leader issued death fatwa against Mamata Banerjee. He announced a Rs 11-lakh bounty to anyone who beheads Banerjee. CID is not taking the issue lightly.

On Thursday, Yogesh said over phone, “I heard that a FIR has been filed against me. CID has even started to investigate. I apologize for my comments. Many people took part in the peaceful march. Police didn’t do the right thing by lathi charging. I do not regret this comment. This is not about Hindu. I would have protested if the Muslims got attacked. I’m sorry if I hurt anyone’s sentiment.”

FIR has been lodged in Kalighat, Birbhum, Sinthi as well as Aligarh against the leader in several sections, including the prosecution of incitement to murder. CID might visit Aligarh next week for investigation. Aligarh police have filed a case. Aligarh district president of TMC filed complaint in many cases including death threats, against this Uttar Pradesh BJP youth leader. There are several complaint filed against this leader in Siuri police station.

BJP leader Kailash Bijaybargiya has already said that they do not support this kind of comments. Yogesh withdrew his comment after a few hours from when he commented.

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