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Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff Was Removed From Her Position


After being in power for 13 years, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was removed from her position. Brazil’s upper house Senate on Wednesday voted against her. 61 of total members voted against her. 20 members only voted for Rousseff. She had to step aside cause two third of the vote went against her.

She was alleged for manipulating budget. She was accused of moving funds between government budgets, which is illegal under Brazilian law. Ms Rousseff has denied the charges. Last Monday in the upper house Senate of Brazil, Rousseff said, during the impeachment hearings, “I am clear in my conscience. I didn’t do anything wrong.” Her complain, “They have convicted an innocent person and carried out a parliamentary coup.” Ms Rousseff fought the accusations, arguing that her right-wing rivals had been trying to remove her from office ever since her re-election.

Michel Temer has been sworn in as president and will serve out her term until 1st January’19. Temer told his ministers to work closely with the Congress to revive the Brazilian economy. He said his inauguration marked a new era.

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