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The Crack Of Larsen-C Ice-Sheet Of Antarctica Is Increasing


The crack of Larsen-C is increasing continuously, the 4th largest ice sheet of Antarctica. 350 meter sheet of ice floating on the sea, slightly smaller than the size of Scotland, it is called ‘Layer’ or ‘Sheet’. The cracks are because of global warming.

That causes the increasing tension of the British Antarctic Research Center. If Larsen-C melts the sea water level will rise above 10 centimeters. It will be hard for the civilians and animals to find food or to live. The crack length from 2011 to 2015 is increased by 30 kilometers. From March this year, the length of the crack has increased by 22 kilometers. Now the total length is 130 kilometers and 350 meters wide, The British Antarctica Research Center has reported. There was collaboration with some Universities of Wales.

In 1995, Larsen-A melted and in 2002 Larsen-B ice sheet collapsed abruptly. Now Larsen-C’s turn! However, the researchers couldn’t tell the exact time. Glacier expert Martin o Liyari has said that it will not pass away by tomorrow but it will last not more than two or three years.

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