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Delhi Police Rescued Mother-Daughter Who Locked Themselves Up In A Room For 4 Years

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Delhi police on Wednesday rescued a woman and her daughter, who had been living locked up in their house for the last 4 years in southwest Delhi’s Mahaveer Enclave. The woman and her daughter are apparently not mentally and physically stable.

Kalavati (42) and Deepa (20) were rescued from a first-floor room of their house. Police said they were found malnourished and living in unhygienic condition. The woman’s elderly father-in-law, Mahaveer Mishra lives in the same house.

Mr Mishra, who lives in the next room, told the police that he gave them food once a day whenever they asked for it.

The matter came to light when a resident of A-block at Mahavir Enclave-II reported the matter to a local media channel and the police. He claimed that the two women were forcefully locked up in the room. They were rescued and admitted to a hospital in Dwarka. However, when the police tried to take them to the hospital, they refused to go. Police said they had to take help of a counselor to convince them to move to a hospital.

Mr. Mahaveer Mishra

The women claimed they have been staying inside the room on their own accord. Mishra told the police that his wife passed away in 2000 and his two sons were killed in a road accident four years ago. Since then, he claimed, the two had locked themselves up.

Mr Mishra used to work as a linesman with MTNL and the family was surviving on Mishra’s meagre pension of Rs.16000. He said the women often claimed to speak to his sons in the room and survived days without food. He said a local doctor was treating them as he didn’t have enough saving to admit them to a hospital.

The neighbors stated that they hadn’t seen both the women for years and didn’t know they were inside the house. The doors and windows were always locked.

Investigation is on.

Abhisikta Ganguly
Abhisikta Ganguly
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One thought on “Delhi Police Rescued Mother-Daughter Who Locked Themselves Up In A Room For 4 Years

  1. This is a case of sheer callousness on the part of the neighbors. The family is sick. Remember the case of Robinson Street?
    However, it reminds me of a Hollywood movie (Room – 2015), where a 24 year old woman was locked in a room for more than 5 years and her 5 year old son did not have any idea about the world outside. Bur then, that was a different situation.

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