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Even After 68 Years Of Independence It’s A Shame That We Are Still Slaves Of English, Says Uma Bharti

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Aimed at giving an impetus to the use of Hindi, Minister for water resources Uma Bharti has directed divisions in her Ministry to prepare agenda notes of important meetings first in Hindi and then translate it into English. Ms. Bharti has also asked officers to make a beginning by making file noting in Hindi.

Expressing unhappiness over wide usage of English in the country, Bharti said that it is ‘shameful’ Indians are still ‘slaves’ of English language even after 68 years of freedom on Wednesday.

“It is very sad and shameful that we have not freed ourselves from the slavery of English 68 years after British left India. A society which is not proud of its language is spineless,” she said at a meeting of the Hindi Salahkar Committee.

“It is a mental illness not being able to get rid of the trap of English. It needs to be treated,” a statement later quoted her as saying.


“Communications within the department should preferably be in Hindi, with English and Urdu words incorporated only when required,” she said, according to a Hindi press statement issued by her office on Wednesday. The Constitution specifies that Hindi in Devnagari script and English are the official languages of India though it doesn’t deem any language as “national.” There are laws that require Hindi and English to be used in public administrative documents.

She rued that the committee was meeting after a long gap of three years and said it should get together at least once in three months. “We also will need to ensure that the decisions taken during these meetings are implemented within a stipulated time frame,” she added.

Minister of State for Water Resources, Sanjeev Balyan, who accompanied Bharti at the meeting, seconded her and said “everyone should take pride in the use of Hindi”.



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