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Fireman And His Friends Sent 10 Dolphins To The Sea

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10 Dolphins were stranded on Kollam beach near Mumbai. A fireman and his friends risked their lives turned them at sea. On Wednesday Abhishek Gavankar (23) went to play football on the beach with his friends. Suddenly they saw 10 dolphins wince on the beach. There was crowd to see the dolphines but no one came forward to help them because of the flow of the ocean. Ignoring the waves they started to sent them back to the water. The job was not easy and they didn’t have much more time. In addition to the problems the dolphins weighted around 40 kgs. At first, they were rolled down to the sea . But instead of going deeper they started to come back to the beach. Then Abhishek and his friends pushed them and swam to the deep water. 40 minutes of continuous combat! At the end after getting to deep water they get back to their life.

Abhisikta Ganguly
Abhisikta Ganguly
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