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For The First Time, The Indian Army Jawans To Get World-Class Helmets That Can Bear Bullets Fired From Short Range

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Each and every jawan of the Indian Army will now equip with a world-class helmet that can make a big difference between life and death during the military operation.

According to the NDTV report, the Army gave the contract to an Indian company, the Kanpur-based MKU Industries to manufacture 1.58 lakh helmets in a deal worth Rs. 170-180 crore.

This is the first time in more than two decades that the Army delivered such a large scale order of helmets. The company will deliver the new helmets within three years.

The MKU Industries is a world leader in the manufacture of body armour (bulletproof jackets and helmets), it exports these to the armed forces around the world.

This new helmet is an essential item of a soldier’s kit and it meets the global standard for protection among leading armed forces. It is designed to bear the impact of 9mm ammunition fired from a short range. These are also designed to be comfortable and many of them can be integrated with communication devices.

The development came a day after the Indian Army in its own report listed 50 problems related to the jawans. It highlighted the need of better protection for frontline soldiers and need of advanced weaponry for battlefield achievements.

The 119-page report was published on “Future Core Technologies and Problem Statements”. It highlighted the problems faced by the soldiers such as obsolete night fighting gear, vulnerability of their body armour, problems with winter clothing and the lack of situational awareness systems which keep them updated during operations.

Last year in March after a delay of more than 10 years, the government signed an emergency contract with Tata Advanced Materials Limited to buy 50,000 new bulletproof jackets.

Almost a decade ago, the Indian Army’s elite para Special Forces were equipped with Israeli OR-201 helmets which were made of Glass Reinforced Plastic. But the regular soldiers in infantry formations had to wear heavy domestically-made helmets. These helmets were not comfortable to wear during the military operation and it weighs more than 2.5 kilograms.

The Army Chief General Bipin Rawat on Friday in a press conference promised that the frontline soldiers would be equipped with world-class gear and the force was collaborating with India’s top industry to solve this problem.

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