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Hindi Threat Posters For Muslims In Bareli Saying Leave India Within This year


One week isn’t over yet after the Assembly Election results. Communalism has already revived in Uttar Pradesh. There were posters telling Muslims to live the country by dragging Donald Trump’s Muslim ban example.

The incident took place in Bareli’s Jianagala village. The threatening posters were first seen on March 12, the day after the Assembly election results. Someone or some people put them on the walls overnight.

It reads, “BJP has come to the power. Hindus in Uttar Pradesh will walk on the path of President Donald Trump, what he is doing to Muslims we’ll do here. Result will not be pleasant if Muslims won’t leave India within this year.”

Uttar Pradesh Assembly election results came out on March 11. BJP has won the election by flooring regional teams. Not communalism, the minors had confidence on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “sabka saath, sabka bikas”, so they didn’t disappoint him. Muslim-dominated areas like Mujaphpharnagar, Deoband, Saharanpur, Bareli, Bijanaur, Moradabad voted the BJP out of others. However, the situation changed overnight that sparked tension in the area.

200 Muslims and 2000 Hindus lives at Jiyanagala. After receiving complain, police removed the posters. Five suspects were taken in for interrogation.

Abhisikta Ganguly
Abhisikta Ganguly
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