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“Laden Is Hiding In A US Island, And US Provides Cash Monthly For His survival,” Claims Edward Snowden


Osama Bin Laden haven’t yet dead after the US commando raid on 2nd May, 2011. He is still alive. Not only that, regular Sunday has been provided to him by the United States for his survival. Edward Snowden claimed this adding that he has the prove.

In an interview with a Moscow newspaper on Sunday Snowden, who was given political asylum by Russia, claimed such things.

He said, “Laden is hiding in an island of United States with his family. US spy agency CIA is guarding him. Besides, the spy agency is paying up in his account.”

“I have evidence. The government does not give money directly. The money is sent to Laden’s account monthly via some company and traders. I can’t guess it correctly that now where is he! However, under the supervision of the CIA, this terrorist was staying with his wife and 5 children in Bahama island until 2013.”

Since 2011 Snowden had been working with the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the National Security Agency NSA. This young caught the illegal activity of NSA surveillance program and gathered a huge amount of information of NSA.

As soon as the news leaked fell fuss. Snowden fled to Hong Kong from the United States. He got in touch with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who already took refuge in Ecuador’s embassy in London before him. Snowden has been in Moscow since then as political asylum-seeker.

Abhisikta Ganguly
Abhisikta Ganguly
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