Let’s Go Back To Our Childhood Days And Enjoy The Classic Indian Ads
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Let’s Go Back To Our Childhood Days And Enjoy Some Of The Classic Ads

old classic ads of 90's

90’s-it’s a magical nostalgic word for those who witnessed this era. In our fast forward life when we are busy in our rat race, whenever the thought of our childhood days peeped for some time in our mind we badly miss the old days but at the same time we felt lucky to think that we are 90’s kids.

In that time technologies, social media, play station, mobile phones these electronic gadgets were way far from the childhood, when after school relaxation meant galli cricket, kite competition etc. and television meant only Doordarshan and some classic ads and jingles which made our childhood special.

Let’s go back to that era to enjoy some of those classics and cherish the nostalgia

Ajanta Clock

Amul The Taste of India

Dairy Milk


Chal Meri Luna

Dhara Cooking Oil

Fevi Kwik

Pan Parag





Washing Powder Nirma


Nerolac Paints

Operation Flood (Doodth Doodh Piyo Glass full)


7 Up

Action Ka school time Shoes

Lijjad Papad

Taj Mahal Tea


Ericsson Cell phone



Classic Toothbrush

Binnie’s Chips

Gold Spot

Pan Pasand

Suzuki Samurai – No Problem

Coca Cola





Suchismita Biswas
Suchismita Biswas
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