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Meet Monica Riley! Her Aim Of Life Is to Be The Fattest Person Of The World


She has the weirdest dream in the world. And to fulfill her dream she can even go to the death limit! His boyfriend has been helping her to achieve her goal. Confuse to hear that?

What is the important dream that can even push her to death? Well, this 27 year old American Monica Riley’s weight is 300 kilograms now. She wishes to weight 450 kilograms. Yes! That is her dream. What? She wants to become the fattest human in the world.

Monica’s body had already become dangerous in that weight. However, it does not bother her. She has a little power to walk but wants to be completely disabled in weight. If she gains 150 kg more then she will be completely impotent. ‘Queen of Egypt’ she would think of herself then.

Monica’s different you tube video shows that her boyfriend Sidney Riley is feeding her high protein meal with funnel. Sidney sometimes helped her move from one place to another place. Even without help from her boyfriend, she can not move side-by-side.

But Monica’s stubborn insistence made her mother angry. She said that the girl purposely doing this to end her life.

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Abhisikta Ganguly
Abhisikta Ganguly
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