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“Modi’s Decision Is To Benefit e-Wallet Companies Like Paytm” Says Rahul Gandhi


Rahul Gandhi compared Prime Minister Narendra Nodi with Roman emperor Nero. When Rome was burned, Nero played violin.

In his opinion, “Modi is also similar. Farmers are dying and PM is having fun. He ought to come and join the discussion in the Parliament. We are not going to leave him easily. His step of currency band was a stupid decision, which has left the country in difficulty.”

He complaint, “Modi has taken this decision to give benefit to the free e-wallet service companies, such as Paytm. I shall speak about their alliance in the Lok Sabha. ‘Paytm’ is now ‘Pay to Modi’. Modi’s decision made the people in trouble all over the country. He should have thought of the common people first as a PM. After the currency cancellation, people don’t even have money to run their regular cost.”

Modi had canceled Rs500 and Rs1000 notes on 8th November. The opponents on Thursday have celebrated deaf day for one month. Day after day, The winter session of parliament is pending due to opposition noises. Emergency bill is stuck.

Abhisikta Ganguly
Abhisikta Ganguly
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