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No Valentine’s Day In Pakistan – Islamabad High Court Bans The Day Of Love Celebrations

pakistan banned valentine's day celebrations

A day before Valentine’s Day, Pakistan’s Islamabad High Court on Monday imposed a ban on the celebration across the state.

The order was taken during a hearing of a petition arguing that Valentine’s Day is not a part of Muslim tradition. The court ordered that Valentine’s Day related celebrations have been banned in the public places as well as the offices.

The court also directed to the print and electronic media to not give any coverage to the advertisement promoting the 14th Feb.

Pakistan’s Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has been also ordered to monitor all the mediums and send out notices banning such promotions.

The verdict came after some Abdul Waheed filed a petition that claimed Valentine’s Day is “against Islamic preaching and should be banned immediately.”

Every year in Pakistan, Valentine’s Day has got a mixed response with some supporting the day of love and some protesting its celebration.

Also, some protesters come up with anti-Valentine’s campaigns like ‘Haya Day’ on university campuses and ‘Say no to Valentine’s Day’ campaigns across the country.

Pakistan’s President Mamnoon Hussain last year had urged all the citizens not to celebrate 14th Feb as it had no connection with Pakistan’s culture. He said, “Valentine’s Day has no connection with our culture and it should be avoided,” and added the young people of the country should “always maintain their religious and national identity.”

Pakistan’s Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif last week had banned Basant, a festival which is celebrated to mark the start of the spring.

Sharif told that the Punjab government won’t celebrate such festivals which endanger people’s lives. He said, “Complete ban on Basant. No one can be allowed to play with the lives of people.”

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