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Pakistani Hindu Spy Arrested In Jaisalmer With Maps Of Border Areas

nandlal maharaj

A Pakistani spy named Nandlal Maharaj was arrested in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan on the charges of RDX smuggling. He himself confessed the allegation that he played an important role in smuggling around 35 kg RDX in India.

The spy was detained based on the information from the RAW. A cellular phone was also recovered from him.

Nandlal crossed into India with a valid visa and passport and also allowed through a checkpost on the border in Pakistan at Munabo. According to the reports, this is the first time Pakistan has sent a Hindu spy on a valid visa and passport.

He operated a textile showroom in Pakistan and for the last six months he had been staying in Jaisalmer.

On Wednesday, he was caught at a hotel in Jaisalmer. Superintended of police, Gaurav Gupta said the spy had maps and photographs of the border areas. Probably, he was a part of a big spying network. Intelligence sources believed he was helping to smuggle explosive and weapons into India.

After his entry into India, he was then seen in one of the three villages along the Jaisalmer border that are forbidden for foreigners. Even Indians also need a special permission to enter the zone. Villagers admitted to the investigators that the spy has offered money in exchange for information on high security areas and arrangements.

ADG Intelligence U R Sahoo said that he was now taken to Jaipur and the intelligence agencies probing him to know his local connections in the border areas who helped him to reach there.

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