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If You Are A Participant Then This Reality Show Will Not Prevent You From Murder Or Rape


Fraud, threat, sting operation, romance was all right so far, but an upcoming reality show doesn’t prevent rape or murder.

Not in India, it will be shown on a Russian television. The reality show has been named “series of games to winter”.

30 contestants will be staying deep in the forests of Siberia for 9 months. There are wild animals all around the forest. The temperature in summer is 35 degree Celsius and in winter the temperature is minus 50 degree Celsius.

A set of warm cloth will be given to the participants to survive the cold weather. Each of will need to fight for survival. It’s like primitive man’s fight to survive in the jungle.

And for that, murder, rape, and even the birth of a child will be entirely on camera. Live footage will be shown without any cut. Show organizers said that participants themselves will be responsible for all the events that occur.

Almost 2000 camera will be installed in the forest. Footage will be shown on television 24 hours. It will be shown in multiple languages, including English. The organizers hope that no bad things would happen since competitors will have to take legal responsibility for any such things.

Abhisikta Ganguly
Abhisikta Ganguly
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