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Punishment For Love! Imprisonment Of The Lover On V-Day


Different people wish different things! A lover wished to decorate old car with new 2000 rupee notes and gift it to his girl friend. That will be her gift for the Valentine’s Day. He did as wished. But sadly the car was unable to reach to the girl. He had to go to the police station before reaching his girl friend’s house. As a result? Imprisonment on the day of love! Sad punishment for love!

The incident took place in Mumbai. The car took away all the attention when it had came on the street. Everyone noticed the car with surprise. Many people took pictures as well. The car covered with 2000 rupee note caught the attention of police.

The lover driver was arrested. While investigation, he confessed that he got this ‘innovative’ idea to shock his girlfriend. But, he can purchase a new car with the amount he decorated his old car with. This lover prisoner also knew this easy mathematics. But when you are in love, you are mind-less!

Abhisikta Ganguly
Abhisikta Ganguly
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