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Study: Men Think About Alcohol And Women Of Gossip While Thinking Of A Get Together!


Friends are getting together! When boys think of this, they think of how much alcohol they will consume! And most of the girls think that what kind of gossip they are going to do!

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh claimed this. The researchers conducted a study worldwide on both male and female to find out what has been the most excited thing when you meet your friends. The information therein has emerged.

What they say?

Researchers said men thinks of drinking and planning of drinks they are going to have in a chat with friends. Thereafter the topic which they love to discuss about is football. Not only that, the study found that men do not like to comment negative about anyone during drinking. And during this time, men laugh more.

Women are not as much encouraged in drinking. They like to gossip on different topics. Most of the topic contains discussion about film or music stars.

The study was published on the “Journal Behavior Research And Therapy”. Dr Michael Siet, lead author of the research said, “Many people think that beautiful women are the topic in a men’s get together. But the concept is not right. They do talk about women, but not that much what many think.”

In this context, professor at the University of Ilionos said, “Men do think about women. But the thought leads when they are alone. While in group, they usually don’t bother about these kinds of thoughts.”

Abhisikta Ganguly
Abhisikta Ganguly
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