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Toilet Offer: Built A Toilet In Your Home And Get A Chance To Visit Singapore


If you make a toilet in your house you will get a trip to Singapore and the government will pay the cost of the trip! Amazing ‘offer’, isn’t it?

Such offer has been given by Maharashtra Osmanabad Zilla Parishad. The target is 2nd October. District council wants to build a toilet in every 734 villages of Osmanabad.

They have proposed this amazing ‘offer’ to implement the project. It says that there will be a lottery among the residents who built a toilet in their house. 32 people of them will be provided a free trip to Singapore.

District Council thinks that the interest of people will increase towards only health and good habits. In the first stage of the lottery, 25 percent of the people will be released from evacuation in open air. The second phase will cover at least 50 percent within 15th August. 75 percent will be freed from evacuation in open space within September 17. And within October 2 the entire area will be released from defecation in open area. 8 villages will be chosen by the lottery in each stage.

Abhisikta Ganguly
Abhisikta Ganguly
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