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Video Of Two University Girl Beating A Drunken Private Tutor Eve Teaser Goes Viral In YouTube


A video on YouTube of two university girl beating a drunken eve teaser has become near to viral and many people praise them. The incident occurred on Sunday at Vubaneswar Utkal University premises.

That day when one university girl was getting back to hostel a motorbike rider, Binod Sahu confined her and proposed her for a motorbike ride to her hostel. He was doing obscene gesture. The road inside the university was completely empty. He fled away after she threatened him with a bamboo. Thereafter she brought a friend by phone call. They did a little searching and found drunken eve teaser. They get him down to the street and started beating him with bamboo.

In the meantime the police and others gathered. In the YouTube video, we see the two students continuously beating the bald head middle aged man with bamboo. Every time he tries to stand they are beating him and bullying him in Oriya language. Several times he asked for forgiveness and had received striking on hands, feet and back in return.

Police arrested that eve teaser on Monday. That drunken man is a private tutor by profession.

Last year, in Barasat a karate trainer woman hit two eve teaser head together and then kicked out the lower abdomen. The state government has recently awarded the woman. In many schools of India including Kolkata karate training has became popular. In many schools, karate training has been made compulsory for the students.

Abhisikta Ganguly
Abhisikta Ganguly
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