100 Beheaded Bodies Were Recovered In Mosul
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100 Beheaded Bodies Were Recovered In Mosul


The whole school building is a mass-grave! Scattered pile of bodies! And most of them are beheaded!

Think a shooting script of Hollywood film? No! It’s an actual image of south Mosul’s Hammam-al-Alil’s Farm School in Iraq. Iraqi army has recovered such bodies from the school. On Monday, the military had freed this 14 km away from Mosul from occupancy of terrorists. There’s no way of knowing how many of the bodies are of army people or of common people because the bodies were perverted.

Over the last month, Iraq’s national army came down to the field to occupy Mosul city from the control of IS, Islamic State. Joined forces with Kurd and Pesmeragarao, with the help of US military the operation leads by Iraq. According to military sources, in the initial phase, the terrorist group is doing quite hard to save the land beneath them. IS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi issued an audio tape, in which, the massage have already given to the organization to fight till the end.


Recently, the United Nations refugee office, said, militants brings up teenage youths from various states to save themselves. Militants are fighting from behind them. And 12-14 years kids were bringing out.

They are giving training to cut the heads of prisoners in IS captured school in whole Mosul city. A father of this school student Hamid said, “A large TV is fitted outside the school. There are shown how to cut off the head or how to make suicide bombs.”

Just access to all the boys at these schools. And people who captured and brought to school, were continued with brutal oppression.

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