Chandigarh 100 year old woman Mann Kaur won gold in Us Masters Game
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100 Year Spirit: Chandigarh Woman Mann Kaur Won Gold In Us Masters Game


Olympic is ended. Though India has won Silver and Bronze but there was not a single gold. Mann Kaur fulfilled the ‘gold dream’ of India. She won the 100 meters run in America’s Masters Games. She left behind the competitors aged among 70 to 80. She is ‘only’ 100 years.

Mann Kaur with her medal

A total of 30 contestants took part in this United States 100-meters race. She had left everyone behind and finished the race in just one and half minutes and won the gold. Gurdev Singh (78), son of Kaur said that she was rambunctious after the win and was thinking how soon she will return to India and show the medal to everyone. Earlier, she had won gold medal in short puts and jyaveline.

Kaur began running at the age of 93 by his son’s word. Gurdev said, “I told mother that you don’t have any physical problem. You don’t have arthritis or any kind of heart related problem. You should start running. And now my mother is an inspiration for the aged. She tells everyone that they shouldn’t eat fast food or spicy food. She encourages her children to take part in competitions.”

Mann Kaur running

Mann Kaur has won 20 medals in several regional competitions around the world. The Chandigarh residence said when asked about the secret behind her fitness, “Even if the earth overturns then also I will go running.”

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