This 106-year-old Woman Became Social Media’s ‘Celebrity Cook’
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This 106-year-old Woman Became Social Media’s ‘Celebrity Cook’


Many people try to become popular in social media by making various delicious foods on various websites and YouTube channels. Nowadays many people become popular with their different recipes. But is it possible to become a popular cook in social media at the age of 106? A 106-year-old man walks in a healthy way-that’s a lot! But the old lady of Andhra Pradesh’s Guriwara has impressed many people with her yummy cooking.

She has recently celebrated her 106th birthday with family members. She is known by the name of Mustanamma. She not only defeated her old age but put behind the popularity of ‘social media buff’ thousands of young people of the era. The name of her YouTube channel is ‘Mastanamma’. The number of subscribers of this channel is more than two and a half million.

Mastanamma Youtube Channel is looked after by her grandson K. Lakhan. He uploaded many delicious recipes made by his grandmother on YouTube. Mastanamma made Egg Dosa, Fish Fry, Bamboo Chiken Biriyani is very popular in her locality and the social media. Eyesight has been blurred many years ago. But the determination and love for cooking has made her popular today among millions of people in the social media.

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