13 Dead And Several Injured In A Fire At Gaziabad
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13 Dead And Several Injured In A Fire At Gaziabad


On early Friday morning, a fire that broke out in a garment factory killed at least 13 and injured 8 in Gaziabad district. The suspected illegal cramped leather factory is in a residential building on the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border of the districts Sahibabad area. The reports says that the fire started at 4pm.

Soon after the incident, fire tenders rushed to the spot. Abul Abbas Hussain, fire station officer said that the fire was reported at 5.20am. Currently 12 fire tenders are at the spot. Injured are taken to nearby hospital.

The main reason of the fire is yet unknown, but it’s likely caused by a short circuit. The workers were sleeping in the factory when the fire broke out.

ANI posted the first visuals of the factory.

Local police spokesperson, Bhagwat Singh said, “The fire broke out at a factory in a residential area of Sahibabad around 4:30 am in the morning. 13 people, who were sleeping there have died and another two or three people are getting treated at the hospital.”

Hussain told AFP two workers were rescued after they woke up soon after the fire started. He said, “The two of them woke up by chance and say they screamed for others to wake up while running towards the terrace but others didn’t wake up, perhaps it was already late.”

The factory was a illegal denim factory. Hussain said, “From what we see, there was nothing proper and the factory must surely not have been a legal one but we can say for sure only after a proper investigation.”

India has a poor record on workplace safety and deadly accidents are commonplace.

1 person killed and another was critically injured in a crackers’ factory in Sahibabad on October. A fire engulfed in a second floor office of an e-commerce firm killing 4 employees in the National Capital region.

In a huge explosion at a fireworks factory 8 workers were killed in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, while in May 2014, at least 15 people killed in a massive blaze at a firecracker factory in Madhya Pradesh.

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