16 Most Fascinating Wooden Skyscrapers Of The World
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Heard About Wooden Skyscraper? 16 Most Fascinating Wooden Skyscrapers Of The World

If you think about concrete skyscraper then you have to think about Dubai as well. There are a number of innovative designs of skyscraper. Wooden architectures are all around the world also fascinating.

Wood in architecture brings to mind saunas, flooring or intricate interiors, but there are architects taking its use to new heights. So here are 16 most striking ‘ply scrapers’ – past, present, and potential – that are proving the case for the material’s use for a solid structure as well as a pretty finish.

Kulturhus I SkellefteÄ, Sweden

kulturhus-i-skellefteaSwedish firm White Arkitekter has won a competition to design a cultural centre and hotel in SkellefteĂ„, Sweden, with its proposal for the “tallest wooden building in the Nordic countries”.

Named Kulturhus i SkellefteÄ, the 19-storey structure will contain a series of cultural facilities at its base and 16 hotel floors above, reaching a height of 76 metres.

kulturhus-i-skellefteaThe project will be a hybrid solution using a mixture of wood, steel and concrete where each material makes the most sense. This allows modern buildings to take on a strong sustainable push, while maintaining practicality and cost effectiveness. Spans inside the cultural centre call for hybrid timbre steel trusses where clear spans extend beyond 21 m. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2019.

Haut, Amsterdam

haut-amsterdam hautamsterdam-in Team V architecture has planned to start construction on the 73 m residential tower in 2017 and finish construction in 2019. For a short while the tower will likely be the tallest wood skyscraper in the world. The apartments are planned to be fairly high end on the luxury scale with tenants choosing their exact layouts and even the number of floors in their apartments.  The project is slated to use mostly CLT along with an innovative facade that has the potential to gather wind energy.  The project will be 21 stories tall and seeks to be a modern beacon of sustainable construction techniques.haut2

HoHo Wien, Vienna Austria

hoho-wein hohoCosting just shy of $68 million to build and designed by RLP Rudiger Lainer and PartnerArch, this planned dual-towered construction in Vienna is set to be the World’s tallest wooden skyscraper at 84 metres. Hoping to be completed by 2017, the structure will save 2,800 tones of CO2 emissions.

Banyan Wharf, London, Uk

banyan-whraf banyan-whrafSet to be 10 storeys tall, Banyan Wharf is in Hackney in East London. Designed by Hawkins Brown, the apartment building has cost around $15 million to construct, and are made of a combination of steel and cross-laminated timber (CLT).

With the title of tallest cross laminated timber residential building in Europe, Banyan Wharf is home to 50 one, two and three bedroom apartments – all sold off plan, prior to completion together with 1,190 square metres of commercial units.

Shigeru Ban via Vancity Buzz, Vancouver

shigeru-ban-via-vancity-buzz-vancouver An extremely slender 19-storey mixed-use building in downtown Vancouver’s Coal Harbor neighborhood seeks to redefine the limits of wood construction. Designed by internationally renowned Japanese architect Shigeru Ban and local firm Francl Architecture, the world’s tallest hybrid timber building will be wedged between the 28-storey Palladio and the 10-storey Evergreen Building.

Last month, local developer Port Living submitted a development application for the project at 1255 West Pender Street – a relatively small 8,258 square foot site.

Totaling 54,503 square feet of floor area, the 223-foot-tall (68 meters) building will have 20 residential units, retail space on the ground floor, and three levels of underground parking accessible from West Hastings Street.

First Timber Skyscraper of London

first-timber-skyscraper-londonPLP Architecture and researchers from Cambridge University have revealed a concept for London’s first wooden skyscraper, a 300 meter tall addition to the Barbican housing estate. Following the emerging trend for timber framed high rises; the 80-storied Oakwood Tower would have a timber frame.

The project may seem like an aggressive leap for Mass Timber design but we often forget that many tress approach 100 m in height around the world. These trees often also have lifespans of over 2,500 years with a gigantic solar sail set into the wind. These natural structures last through numerous forest fires, earthquakes and extreme weather events. There is no question as to if a wood based structure can do this or not, the question is if we are smart enough to design it in an environmental, economic and durable manner.

Heartwood The Beach, Toronto


heartwood heartwoodQuadrangle Architects has teamed up with Fieldgate Homes to produce Toronto’s first Mass Timber six story building. The project will host 37 high end residential suites. Titled, Heartwood The Beach, the development is currently in pre-construction and located at 1884 Queens Street, Toronto, near the waterfront. Mass Timber with use as CLT and Glulam was chosen for the primary structural system being cited as more environmentally friendly than concrete or steel and just as strong. The goal behind the structure is to expose the wood where practical and create a dialogue between modern urban society and the natural world beyond, integrating them as part of a holistic linage.

Treet, Bergem, Norway

treet “Treet”, a timber high rise building in Bergen, Norway now holds the world’s record for wood construction. The building is called ‘Treet’ or ‘The Tree’ and is the brainchild of the Bergen and Omegn Building Society (BOB).

Total height of the building is 52.8 meters. It includes 550 cubic meters of glulam and 385 cubic meters of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) that stands on top of a concrete garage with foundations piled on the bedrock.

Forté, Melbourne, Australia

forte forte
The tallest apartment building in the wood world when it topped out in 2012, the Forte Living tower in Melbourne was one of the first projects to put tall wood theory into practice. Build entirely from cross-laminated timber, its 23 apartments were mostly finished with plaster inside as a ‘market-blind’ test of timber constructions, the developers preferring a cautious approach with an idea so revolutionary. Now, with taller and more ambitious wooden projects being announced by the month, wood-focused architects will have no reason to disguise the truth behind their towers.

Framework, Portland

framework Framework is a direct adaption of the historic small plate timber structures that weave through the building fabric of the central eastside of Portland. Structurally little different than neigh- boring 100 year old structures, the elimination of the masonry perimeter walls necessitated a shift in identify.

frameworkThe building stands 5 storied tall with mixed concrete and timber on the base floor and a repeated exposed timber structure on levels 2-5. This project only represents the beginning of revitalization a long history of advanced heavy timber construction in the Pacific North West. The natural local materials are not only environmentally friendly, but they also serve to speak to the rebirth of an architectural culture in timber design.  We look forward to many more interesting Mass Timber projects from the Portland area and anticipate Works Partnership Architecture to play a major role in the development of these beautiful and intrinsically valuable structures.

Barentshus, Kirkenes, Norway

barentshusAs it turns out, the previous entry might not have even been the tallest wooden building in Norway – one project that could have cut the Tree down to size is the Barentshus cultural centre in the Arctic city of Kirkenes. The 20-storey wooden structure was designed in 2010 by the Norwegian firm Reiulf Ramstad Architects – responsible for some fine examples of wooden architecture – but the project is yet to get off the ground due to squabbles between investors and city authorities.  However, the designs are in place, and tall wood could still add to the beauty of the Arctic landscape.

Wood Innovation and Design Centre, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

wood-innovation Vancouver-based architect Michael Green took a massive step towards bringing tall wood to life when he put his theories into practice with the Wood Innovation and Design Centre, completed in October 2014 – after all, he was hardly likely to build the 30-metre structure out of anything else.

wood-innovationAt 97 feet- high (29.5 meters) with six floors and a mechanical penthouse, the WIDC is currently the tallest wood building in Prince George and the tallest contemporary wood building in North America.

113 Mass Timber Centre Piece for Stockholm,Sweden

tratoppen-anders-berensson-architects-wood-skyscraper-stockholmAnders Berensson Architects have proposed a skyline changing Wood Skyscrapers for downtown Stockholm.  The project is 113 m tall and built above an existing parking garage. The weight of CLT compared to traditional construction methods was a key determining factor in its choice as the structural system. The positive environmental benefits of the project were also key to the choice of CLT.

The project is wrapped in an artistically stylized facade which not only works as a sunshade for the interior of the structure but also allows easy counting of the floors as this will be the tallest building in Stockholm.  The project has been named TrÀtoppen which means the tree top.

RĂ©inventer Paris proposal, France

reinventer-paris-proposalAfter proving the case for tall wood buildings with his Vancouver work, Green has since began to take his ideas to the world. Taking another shot at designing the world’s tallest wooden building, he has designed the Baobab mixed-use building as an entry for the RĂ©inventer Paris competition.

His 35-storey design certainly meets the competition’s focus on eco-friendliness – its designers estimate it can take enough carbon out of the atmosphere to negate the impact of 2,000 cars.

Green Village, Indonesia

green village Set along the terraced slopes of the Ayung River in Bali, Green Village is a master-planned community of eighteen dramatically unique homes, hand-constructed by the Ibuku team. Each home is custom designed and rigorously engineered to embody the inherent strengths and versatility of bamboo. Located walking distance from Green School, Green Village encompasses all of the architectural innovations, sustainable principles and artisan craftsmanship of the world famous campus.

green village

Murray Grove, London,Uk

murray-grove Constructed entirely in timber, the nine-storey high-rise in Hackney is the pioneer of timber residential tower buildings in the world.  Comprising private and affordable housing, Murray Grove will provide twenty nine apartments.

murray-groveThe KLH cross laminated solid timber panels form a cellular structure of timber load bearing walls, including all stair and lift cores, with timber floor slabs.

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