18-Year-Old Girl Survives 34 Snakebites Over 3 Years, She Says It’s “Enchanting”
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18-Year-Old Girl Survives 34 Snakebites Over 3 Years, She Says It’s “Enchanting”


Can you imagine after 34 snakebites a person can able to survive! Yes, this is exactly what happened with 18-year-old Manisha from Himachal Pradesh and she is very much alive to share her story.

In the last three years, she was bitten by many snakes but that didn’t kill her. In fact, she said it was enchanting whenever she saw a snake or bitten by a snake.

ANI reported that various hospitals and medical centres informed that she was bitten for the 34th time on this February 18. The medical Superintendent of the Dr. Y.S. Parmar Medical College and Hospital said she was admitted with a snake bite and now she is improving.

Manisha said, “I was bitten by snakes for the past 3 years over 30 times now. I got snakebite first time at my village near a local river. This time I was bitten by a white snake, whenever I see a snake I get enchanted and it bites me.”

She also claimed there were days when she was bitten by a snake twice or thrice on the same day. Manisha said many astrologers and priests in her area believed she had some connection with a deity.

Her father Sumer Verma said now it has become a regular affair. He said, “I have taken her to many temples here besides priests and traditional doctors, as there is a belief in our region that with the blessings of local deities’ temples it could be avoided.”

The forest officers working in the region and her doctors claimed that most of the bites have been by non-venomous snakes or snakes with less venom.

Virender, the Forest officer working in the region said, “I really don’t know which snake has bitten her. We have Viper and Russell snakes available in Shillai and other areas of Sirmaur which neurotoxin. But also the rattle snakes are common here. It may be some non-poisonous snake that may have bitten her.”

The veterinarians claimed that the continuous snakebites may have developed anti-bacterial properties in her body. Veterinarian Dr. Rohit who working with the forest department of Himachal Pradesh Government said, “I really don’t know which snake has bitten her but we generally give venom to horses to develop antibody to prevent snakebites. Same may be the reason she is surviving from continuous snakebites.”

But whatever the reason, her survival story is really very interesting.

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