2 Homosexuals Get Married In Nigeria
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2 Homosexuals Get Married In Nigeria


Marriage among homosexual is forbidden in Nigeria. But two Nigerian homosexuals get married by showing a finger to the law. More than 53 homosexuals were also appeared on the wedding ceremony. That made the country frustrated. Police have arrested the two just after knowing the incident. As usual, the two gay people denied the accusation.

Two gays Chedia and Jaria get married a couple of weeks ago in Kaduna district of northern Nigeria. At least 53 of other gays were present at the marriage ceremony. The police arrested both on Saturday. Although they got bail. The next hearing will be on May 8.

Nigeria is known to be a conservative country. Gay marriage is forbidden here. If gays get married, then 14-year jail is confirmed. Police is wandering how the incident happened after all the strict rules.

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