20 Died In A Suicide Bomb Blast In Iraqi Capital, Baghdad
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20 Died In A Suicide Bomb Blast In Iraqi Capital, Baghdad

after the blast

On Tuesday, a terrorist wearing explosive belt blew himself in a popular market area killed at least 20 and injured more than 50 in Shiite districts of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. On yesterday morning, at least 8 people were killed and 29 injured after another suicide bomb attack in the mainly Shiite al-Bayaa neighborhood in western Baghdad.

The Islamic State extremist militia, which regards Shiite Muslims as heretics, claimed the responsibility of both attacks.

The dead bodies were sent to the Forensic Medicine to identify and the wounded to the near hospitals to receive medical treatment. Security forces cordoned of the area and forbid people from approaching until inspections are ended.

dead in the blast

IS frequently carries out suicide bombers targeting Iraqi Shiite Muslims, whom it considers to be heretics.

2 days ago, another IS claimed suicide bombing killed 6 people in western Baghdad. A day before that, 12 people were killed in bomb and gun attacks claimed by the jihadist group in the area of Tikrit, a city of northern Baghdad.

The forces of Iraq are setting up for a push on Mosul, the last IS-held city in the country, after regaining much of the Iraqi areas the jihadists seized in June, 2014. But IS has kept up the ability to execute attacks in government- controlled territories even as the jihadist group lost ground, and it seems it increasingly turn to such insurgent tactics if it loses Mosul.

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