2010 CWG=Corruption, The Shame Still Haunts India And Again IOA Wants To Host 2022 Commonwealth Games
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2010 CWG=Corruption, The Shame Still Haunts India And Again IOA Wants To Host 2022 Commonwealth Games

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The high-level corruption of the 2010 Commonwealth Games and the shame is still very much alive and despite that, the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) may bid for hosting the 2022 Commonwealth Games. This comes after Durban was stripped of the right to host the Games on Monday due to the financial crisis.

The South African government was unable to give financial guarantees for the event so they had to give up hosting the 2022 edition of Commonwealth Games. The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) has started a search for Duncan’s replacement and invited bids.

It’s a huge embarrassment for South Africa. Dunkan’s bid was historic as it was the first South African country to host Commonwealth Games. South African Olympic committee president and CGF vice-president Gideon Sam said, “It’s a big disappointment for Africa.”

IOA secretary general Rajeev Mehta told Indian Express, “We received a communication from them (CGF) today. Our (IOA) president and members are discussing the issue. If there is support from the government, we will consider the possibility of bidding for the Games.”

India hosted the 2010 edition of the CWG but it did not go well. It is remembered for corruption rather than success. This marked a dark patch in Indian sports history.

Mehta said the things have now changed. The success of South Asian Games in Guwahati and Shillong last year is an example. The South Asian Games was held under the direct supervision of the government. The IOA provided the technical support and the government controlled the finances.

The IOA secretary said he will meet IOA president N Ramachandran to decide the next step. Three years ago, the IOA had expressed its willingness to host the 2019 Asian Games. The government also supported the proposal but India could not meet the deadline to submit the bid.

Australia also said it is willing to host the 2022 edition. The country will be hosting the Games in 2018. The English cities Birmingham and Liverpool also interested in replacing Durban.

After the CWG corruption, the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had formed a high-level investigation committee headed by former Comptroller and Auditor General VK Shunglu. The committee had submitted six reports which mentioned the various cases of large-scale corruption.

The 2010 CWG Corruption worth Rs 70,000 is one of the biggest scams in India. Even today, nobody forgets the embarrassment.

To host an event like Commonwealth Games is an honour for any country. But spoilt it with corruption is not only an embarrassment for the countrymen, it’s an insult. If India will win the bid for 2022 CWG then it would be India’s big challenge to host it with integrity.

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