September 2016 - Noise Break
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Police Arrested Two Criminals While Smuggling Silver


Police seized two criminals red-handed while smuggling silver worth nearly 30 million. The names of the two are Swapan Mukherjee and Rakesh Sharma. The incident happened on yesterday night at Howrah station. They went up from platform no.9 to Danapur express. Police source said that police recovered 67 kg silver

Win Battle With Love! New Policy Of Army


‘Munnabhai MBBS’ showed us that how a ‘jadoo ki jhappi’(magic of hug) can do a impossible job! Indian army is trying to apply the ‘jhappi’ formula to the protest and violence pierced south Kashmir. Colonel Dharmendra Yadav took the initiative and started with the formula. Colonel who belongs to Gurugram, is

Billionaire at 33: How? Read To Know!


He is only 33 years old and just a class-viii passed man and he is a billionaire. If you thinks this article is about how to be a billionaire at your 30s, you’re wrong. The article is about the man who become billionaire at the age of 33. How? Here