January 2017 - Noise Break
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Over 2000 Google Employee Rally Wordwide Against Trump’s Immigration Ban, Sundar Pichai And Sergey Brin Joined Protest


On Monday, over 2000 Google employee staged protests over President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration, revealing rising tension between the technology industry and new administration. Google employees of Google parent Alphabet Inc. all over the country, including at campuses in Mountain View, San Francisco, New York and Seattle, were rallying

NASA Develops New Method To Detect Alien Life On Other Planets

other planets

NASA scientists developed a new method to search lives on other planets. Researchers developed a chemistry-based technique to detect lives by analysing amino acids. The researchers of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California carried out the study. The study has been published in Analytical Chemistry. The researchers said this method