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Sell Vegetables From Your Garden Via WhatsApp!


Many people grow vegetables in a fit of land adjacent to their house in the city. After meeting the needs of whole family, some of the veggies left over. Many citizens want to buy the fresh vegetables grown in the field. Horticulture Department is establishing a contact between these two sides

Freedom 251 Smartphone: Director Mohit Goel Detained For Fraud


The director of Ringing Bells, the company which promised a smartphone, the Freedom 251, as the name suggests for an unbelievable price of Rs. 251, has been detained by police on charges of fraud. Mohit Goel has been detained after owner of Ghaziabad-based Ayam Enterprises filed an FIR yesterday alleging that

400 Million Year Old Gigantic Extinct Worm Discovered In Canada


Paleontologists made a remarkable history by finding a fossil of an extinct primordial giant worm with terrifying snapping jaws. This prehistoric worm is known as Websteroprion Armstrong and it used to roam around the sea around 400 million years ago from today. Researchers from the University of Bristol, Lund University in