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Basu Bati Kolkata

Situated at 65/2 Baghbazar Street, “Basubati”, the palatial mansion of Nandalal Basu and Pashupatinath Basu is an iconic landmark of Calcutta which still stands as the witness of its glorious past. The Basu family had huge landed property (Zamindari) in Gaya district of Bihar. Mahendra Basu, the eldest son of the

REMARKABLE RUINS – Mohenjo Daro, Pakistan

Mohenjo Daro

Though the 5000-year-old city is known to the world as Mohenjo Daro, actually nobody is aware of its real name. Till date, nobody has enabled to decipher its original identity. In fact, the expression "Mohen-Jo-Daro" is also incorrect. The correct expression or pronunciation is "Moen-Jo-Daro". It is a Sindhi term

PALACES OF THE RICH &THE FAMOUS OF COLONIAL CALCUTTA – Ramdulal Niwas (house of Chhatu Babu & Latu Babu)

Ramdulal Niwas at Norh Calcutta

In the early 18th century Ramdulal Deb was one of the first Indians to make his riches under the British rule. He constructed his residential building “Ramdulal Niwas” at 67E, Beadon Street in North Calcutta, which is now a heritage venue. The brick-red building, situated near the present Beadon Street