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Rain man

Charles Sanford Babbit is a self-centered Los Angeles-based automobile dealer. As a young teenager, he once took out his father's 1949 Buick convertible without his permission and was jailed for two days, since his father reported it stolen. While he is in the middle of importing four Lamborghinis to Los

MOVIE MANIA – The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush (1925) is considered by many as one of Chaplin’s most perfectly accomplished films. It was re-released in 1942 and received Academy Award nominations for Best Music and Best Sound Recording. It is, in fact, one of Chaplin's most celebrated works, and he himself admitted several times that it was

DEADLY DAMES – Vera Renczi

Vera Renczi

The story of Vera Renczi, a stunningly beautiful Romanian woman, always dressed in black, was first published in the USA in May 1925. After that, the story surfaced repeatedly, without any documentary support about the specific dates of her birth, marriage, arrest or death. She reportedly confessed about poisoning 35

Good Foods: 10 Best Food Markets Around The World

food market

The food market is something which holds a country’s culture, food habits. It provides entertainments too. Every day many people come to the market to buy their everyday groceries. The market also tells what’s in season. Whenever we travel to a new place or country we should experience the local