21 Died And Several Still Missing In Macedonia Storm And Flood
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21 Died And Several Still Missing In Macedonia Storm And Flood

storm and flood in mecadonia

At least 21 people died including a 7 year old child, after powerful storms and flood collapsed homes in Macedonian capital, Skopje.

For the past two days the weather was bad. The storm at a velocity of more than 70 kms mostly hit the western and northwestern part of the country. More than 15 houses collapsed and some remain flooded without electricity.

flood effect

More than 100 people were injured. Rescue operations had been started from Sunday morning. Most of the flood victims were found in the villages of Stajkovci, Singjelic, Smilkovci and Aravinovo near the capital, Skopje but several are still missing. Ambulances were called out 65 times all across the city, more than 20 people were treated in hospital, and the army was called in for help.

storm effect in macedonia

In one day or less, the residents experienced more than three times the rain they usually receive in a month. More rain is possible in the area, with a major chance for shower during the rest of this week.


In the north-east of the country, three villages were cut off because of landslides. About 70 vehicles were stuck due to one such incident between the villages of Stajkovci and Radisani.  Health authorities have advised the residents of the areas to drink or cook only with bottled water or water from public authority.

storm effect

The authorities have declared a crisis situation in Skopje and Tetovo for the next 15 days.

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