21st Martyr’s Day: ‘Didi’ Condemns Modi’s Government
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21st Martyr’s Day: ‘Didi’ Condemns Modi’s Government At TMC’s Mega Rally

Mamata Bannerjee

After Bengal’s Assembly Election’s victory yesterday’s rally was Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee’s first public appearance. Lakhs of people gathered in yesterday’s Martyr’s rally. TMC organized the annual rally on 21st July to observe Martyr’s Day in memory of the 13 Congress youths, who had died on police firing on 21 July, 1993.

On yesterday’s rally Mamata Banerjee has changed her anti-CPM narratives and this time her target was Narendra Modi’s BJP government. She cleared in her speech that she had no ambition to sit on prime ministerial throne. She was ok with her own small cottage, her own state, Bengal. She clearly stated she was for stronger regional parties. “But I am for stronger regional parties. Stronger states make a stronger Centre. This is true federalism. But what are they (Modi government) doing? They are only on a publicity overdrive, detached from the real issues concerning people.” Delhi conspired against TMC and also the other anti-parties plotted against them.

Martyr day rally

She said that it’s the time to say to Delhi “Bhag Modi Bhag”. She had little to say about her foes CPM and Congress. But she switched her focus to Modi government and rising intolerance in India like the recent attack on dalits in Gujarat. She had a good connection with Lalu Prasad, Arvind Kejriwal, Farooq Abdulla, Akhilesh Yadav and Nitish Kumar.

Mamata wanted to give her party a new image makeover. “We are with the common people not against them. Some people are creating a bad name to the party which affects the whole party. We need combative Trinamool workers. Every municipality should follow the guidelines of party. We should live a life like a common people”. She said that TMC government has given services to80-90% people of every districts of the West Bengal. She secured the youth and said ‘Didi’ is with them so they don’t have to think.

She blamed Modi for anti-industry stand. She claimed that nearly 80,000(eighty thousands) industries have left the country since Modi government came to centre. India’s black money is still not return, although white money is going to abroad. “Centre couldn’t construct bank and post office to 500 villages in Bengal. I heard due to CBI, ED’s torture 80,000 industrialists left this country.”

According to ‘Didi’ in West Bengal the growth of industry is 600% and in last 5 years the infrastructures what they built it would be an asset for next 600 years. But in 34 years CPM’s term they couldn’t do anything. “When we came to power we planned the cost budget was 14,000 crore, we raised the budget to 53,000 crore. But over Rs. 2 lakh crore we spent to pay the debt to the Government of India. This year we pay the debt almost Rs. 47,000 crore. From 53,000 crore we pay 47,000 crore for debt. This debt was created by CPM and then the centre government Congress allowed them.  For centre’s wrong economy plans many states were in death trap.”

She assured to all the I.T workers of America that she will manage all problems regarding American VISA. She also criticized Modi regarding Adhar Card issue.

Mamata Banerjee also alerted about the recent terror attacks. “Everybody should be aware in their own locality. If you rent someone in your house, don’t get misled to see someone’s beautiful face or fluency in English. Keep an eye on them and alert police”.

But for the 21stJuly Martyr’s Day speech, the office goers faced trouble. Esplanades, Mayo road, Park Circus, Creek Row, Moulali were blocked from the very early morning. Courier delivery services, food delivery services and other services were also faced trouble.

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