22 People Killed 72 Others Injured In Egypt Flooding
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22 People Killed 72 Others Injured In Egypt Flooding


Updating an earlier toll of 18 death, on Sunday, Authorities said that flooding caused by torrential rain in Egypt killed at least 22 and injured 72 people.

Khaled Megahed, Health ministry spokesman said the death toll may rise because some families might not have reported the loss of relatives who have already been buried since the flooding started on Thursday.

On Sunday, the Egyptian army’s Engineering Authority began to clear the roads in and out of the Red Sea town of Ras Gharib after the city was nearly cut off from the world in the past 48 hours’ flooding.

attemp to clear the roads

On Saturday, the Egyptian government announced 50 million pounds ($5.6 million/five million euros) in aid for flood-hit areas, including South Sinai, the southern province of Sohag, and along the Red Sea coast. On Sunday, Sedky Sobhi, Egypt’s Minister of Defense, also announced that the Egyptian army plans to send medical convoys to help to stricken residents and distribute 100,000 food supply boxes. Petroleum companies, which are concentrated in the Suez-Red Sea area, also sent heavy machinery to drain water and reopen roads in the flooded city.

Ras Gharib, in the Gulf of Suez, was the worst hit area with 11 people killed and 36 injured in flood-related accidents.

Residents of Ras Gharib angry at the government response on Saturday blocked a convoy transporting Prime Minister Sharif Ismail.

The city’s council and Red Sea governorate have already turned the city’s schools into shelters for those left homeless, and postponed the resumption of classes indefinitely.

The ministry of education had already suspended schools in the city pending safety inspections of educational facilities. Nearly 60% of the city’s the electrical power has been restored. Telecommunications, especially telephone landlines, are reportedly still down in most areas of the town.

On Saturday, Ahmed Abdullah, Red Sea Governor announced that Egypt’s biggest charity NGO El-Orman sent an aid convoy to Ras Gharib.

NGOs and human rights activists are using social media to organize convoys to help the city’s residents.

The heavy rain and and floodwater damaged houses in coastal town, where fast-flowing water surged through streets, stacking cars by the side of roads and in some cases leaving vehicles almost fully submerged.

PM Sherif Ismail Visited Red Sea's Ras Garib
Prime Minister Sherif Ismail visited Red Sea’s Ras Garib

6 people, whose bus overturned on a flooded road in Sohag were among the dead.

Almost every year, winter and autumn rain causes flood in Egypt, specially in areas with poor infrastructure.

The country’s worst flooding in November 1994, led the death toll to 270 in the village of Darnaka in Assyut province.

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