27 People Killed And Dozens Injured In Suicide Bombing By ISIS
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27 People Killed And Dozens Injured In Suicide Bombing By ISIS


On Sunday, a series of suicide bombing claimed by IS killed at least 27 people and injured dozens other in Iraq’s northern province of Salah al-Din.

The attack took place in the Iraqi cities of Tikrit and Samarra. In Tirkit, an ambulance packed with explosives went off at a security checkpoint and in Samarra, two suicide car bomb blast took place in a public transport garage. The attack in Tikrit was so brutal that some of the victims were thrown into a nearby river by the force of the blast. Several Iranian pilgrims are among the killed.

IS issued a statement claiming the attacks, and said that there were three suicide bombers: two who struck Shia pilgrims in the town of Samarra, 95 kilometers north of Baghdad, and the third who attacked Tikrit.

The authorities imposed curfews in Tikrit and Samarra for fear of further attacks.

police inspecting

The deadly attacks came as Iraqi government, backed by a US-led air alliance, forces battled IS fighters to retake Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city.

The Islamic group has stepped up its attack in different parts of Iraq since the Mosul campaign started on October 17. Iraq has since reported advances in the mission to retake Mosul that has been under Islamic State control since mid-2014.

Another series of attacks were carried out in Baghdad by the group, earlier this month, ending a brief full of violence in the city. In total, including the Sunday’s blast, over 100 people have been killed in October.

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