3 Killed In A Massive Fire That Broke Out In Jammu's Slums
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3 Killed In A Massive Fire That Broke Out In Jammu’s Slums


On Saturday, a massive fire that broke out in the slum area at Narwal of Jammu, killed 3 people and seriously injured several others and left 2000 homeless.

The fire destroyed over 150 slums in that area. The injured sustained serious burn injuries, Among them 3 people have reportedly suffered grievous injuries.

Firefighters were rushed to the spot to douse the flames and a police team reached the spot of the incident.

Superintendent of medical college hospital Jammu, Ramesh Gupta said that three charred bodies were brought to the mortuary of the hospital during the night while six persons suffering critical burn injuries were being treated.

The fire started in Narwal area of Jammu city around 12 a.m. in the slum area where dozens of families of Rohingya Muslims who were uprooted from Myanmar because of persecution have taken shelter.

Besides these Rohingya Muslims, dozens of other families of slum dwellers were also living in the over 150 “Jhuggis” those were completed destroyed in the blaze.

Three people who died in fire were Myanmar migrants. Nearly 300 families were affected in the fire.

Flame is under control now. The reason for the fire is yet unknown.

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