33 Indians, Rescued From ISIS Captured Iran, Returns Home
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33 Indians, Rescued From ISIS Captured Iran, Returns Home


33 Indians, who were stuck in ISIS-captured Erbil In Iraq, arrived in India on Monday after being rescued by the Indian Government.

Some of them were deceived by an agent and forced to work under unfavorable condition in Iraq, while some claimed that they were duped by their agent with the promise of employment in Iraq. They informed that many people like them are still stranded there.

A rescued person have said, “Earlier 35 people were rescued and came back to India and this time we are 33. The agent deceived us by promising for giving jobs and took us to Iraq. More people like us are still there.”

They arrived at the Indira Gandhi Airport in New Delhi on Monday morning at 5a.m after both the State and Central government worked together to get them back from the unsafe conditions they were exposed to in Iran.


The men, who were working with a construction firm aiding the coalition war against ISIS at Erbil, were duped by an agent with the promise of employment.

Basanth Reddy, who has been lobbying with the State government for their safe return said, “The men were made to pay over a lakh rupees to an agent, who lied to them about the working conditions. They will be making their way back to Telangana via train after a brief stay in Delhi.”

Earlier also, 11 nurses hailing from Kerala, have been safely evacuated from conflict-hit city Kirkuk in Iraq.

Meanwhile, an Indian Catholic priest Father Tom was abducted by ISIS some months ago in Yemen and the India government is still trying very hard to get him back to India.

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