3rd World War Is In The Month Ahead!
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3rd World War Is In The Month Ahead!


There are only a few days to go for 3rd World War. Third World War will start from May 13, 2017. The claim was given by the resident of Texas in America, self-proclaimed “angel of God”, Horachio Vegas. He claimed that the World War will continue for five months. And all these things he saw in ‘providential dream’.

Before that, Vegas has made many successful predictions. He said in 2015 that Donald Trump is going to be the next American president. He also said that the trump will attack Syria. And on the basis of that attack, Russia, North Korea and China will be involved in clashes with America and etc. He is also confident that North Korea is the next target of the US President.

Vegas says, “My words will not fail. God has kept me lonely. He didn’t give me any child. The objective is that I can reach out to people with the message of the god with intensity.”

Meanwhile, many people think that there is no need to wait until the next month. The 3rd World War has already begun. Tension is rising in China Sea. Tension among US and Russia for Syria, is the evident of the beginning.

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