NITI Aayog Sets The Target Of 50 Medals In 2024 Olympics
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50 Medals In 2024 Olympics – NITI Aayog Sets The Strategy To Achieve The Target

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The National Institution for Transforming India Aayog (NITI Aayog) doesn’t happy with only two Olympic medals in 2016 Rio Olympics. So, it took short-term and medium to long term strategy to better India’s performance in 2024 Olympics that the country would able to achieve 50 medals.

This year India got only two medals; one silver in badminton and one bronze in wrestling. The central government think tank said it is very disappointing that the country which has so much world-class talents in different fields not successful to produce champions in sports.

In short-term strategy (4-8 years) they have plan to prioritizing 10 sports which have a high winning potential and for each priority sports they organize athletes into three groups.

It will also concentrate on sports injury Insurance scheme, facilitating creation of sports academies for different sports, creating a digital database for sports, strengthening the existing SAI (Sports Academics of India) training centres, implementing national sports code and sports bill and promoting revenue generating methods for team leagues of priority sports.

Their report titled ‘Let’s Play’ said, “Efforts need to be undertaken at each level, from family and communities to schools, regional academies, states and national level.”

The report also added, “Such efforts should help in overcoming existing societal barriers towards sports that can be summarized in the popular phrase, ‘Kheloge kudoge to honge kharab, padhoge likhoge to banoge nawab’.”

In their medium to long-term plans (8-15 years) include developing school curriculum of both sports and academics to encourage children on sports.

In their strategy it also included to identify talents from rural and tribal areas that had less sporting infrastructure.

It recommended world class coaches and trainers and through public-private partnership improving the sports partnership.

NITI Aayog said that it has seen the irregular fundings of sportspersons and sports academies from one year to another. To solve the problem it recommended that after each Olympics the sportspersons from Group A and the SAI will sign a fixed 4 year contract. The funding will provide up to the next Olympics and other international events in between.

Also for the Group B and Group C the funding should be fixed for the next four years. As soon as the funding data is finalized then it would publicly available for all the groups.

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