52 Case Files Against Donuld Trump In 12 Days After Being President
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52 Case Files Against Donuld Trump In 12 Days After Being President


About 15 days ago, he swore in as a President. But Donuld Trump already left behind his predecessors. Well don’t think that he have done some extraordinary thing.

Just 12 days after he took the oath as a President, 52 cases were filed against him. There is no such record of a president in US history.

Administrative Department sources said that from 20th January on the oath taking day, to 1st February, 52 cases were filed in US’s 17 provinces that is much more than his predecessors.

After coming to power, Barack Obama’s name was mentioned in 3 cases within 12 days. The number was 4 for George Bush and Bill Clinton.

Trump is known for the controversial comments since his presidential campaign. He haven’t changed himself a bit after coming to power.

Seven days after becoming US President he ordered a temporary ban for 7 Muslim countries to enter the United States. Syrian refugee entrance has been closed for 120 days. Common people of the country protested against him.

‘Care’, an organization of Muslm rights in US has sued for discrimination against Trump. Many people were trapped in Washington’s Dallas airport due to visa trouble. Case was filed on behalf of them.

Washington values of responsibility and civic organization, ‘The citizen for Responsibilities and Ethics In Washington’ has also filed a case against Trump. They claimed that it is clearly written in US Constitution, after being a President, one can’t take a precious gift from any foreign states minister. But Trump has violated the rules. He have already done several contracts with various state minters using his family business influence.

A case was also filed regarding that Trump’s businessman image can harm US image.

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