6 Killed In A Attack From Al-Shabaab In Kenya
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6 Killed In A Attack From Al-Shabaab In Kenya


Early morning on Thursday, suspected Islamic terrorists from the Somali group al-Shabaab killed 6 persons in the northeastern Kenyan province of Mandera.

Although there is no immediate claim of responsibility from al-Shabaab. The governor of Mandera county, Ali Roba said, “From the nature and style of the attack, it will obviously be al Shabaab.”

The incident occurred nearly at 2pm on a residential compound in Bulla public works. The tenants were in sleep when the attackers raided the plot. The gang used a grenade to break the entrance of the plot before they shot at the tenants randomly and escaped soon after the incident.


Residents said the attackers were heavily armed. There was 33 people at the time of the attack. 25 were rescued safely and one is in serious condition and other 2 are still missing.

Repeated attacks in Kenya by al Shabaab have already killed hundreds of people in the past three years or so and hammered the country’s essential tourism industry.

The assaults have often been in the northeast, near the border with Somalia, but the group has also affected coastal areas popular with tourists and the capital Nairobi, where al Shabaab gunman attacked Westgate shopping mall in 2013.

Al Shabaab says it will continue its campaign of attacks in Kenya until the Kenyan government withdraws its troops from Somalia where they are part of an African force.

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