8 People Killed And 35 Others Injured In Lahore Blast
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8 People Killed And 35 Others Injured In Lahore Blast


Today, on Thursday, a blast at a restaurant in Z Block of DHA killed 8 people and injured 35 others in Lahore.

Police initially suspected that it was a generator blast. The area has been cordoned off and a search operation is underway. The exact cause of the blast still remains unknown.

According to police, the injured have been shifted to Services Hospital. The explosion reportedly was massive, causing windows of nearby buildings to shatter. The Pakistani media also reported another explosion shortly after the first one in Lahore’s Gulberg. More casualties are feared in the incident. Four cars and 12 motorcycles were also damaged as a result of the blast.

Panic gripped the area a little before noon when the loud explosion resonated across Z-Block in Defence Housing Authority area in Lahore.

TV footage is showing bricks strewn in the popular commercial area. The shops surrounding the blast site have also been damaged.


Police are still looking into the matter. Pak Army quick responsive team has also reached the spot. Teams from Punjab Forensic Science Laboratory have reached the spot to collect evidence. The market has been sealed by law enforcement personnel.

A witness who works at a bank in the market told Reuters that his workplace was shaken by a “frightening” explosion. “We left the building and saw that the motor-bikes parked outside were on fire and all the windows in the surrounding buildings were shattered,” the witness, Mohammad Khurram, said.

Punjab law minister Rana Sanaullah said after the blast: “There was no reason to target the building. I have been informed that plaza was not inaugurated yet.”

Pakistan has been struck by a wave of terrorist attacks in recent weeks, killing at least 130 people across the country and leaving hundreds wounded.

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