8-year-old Child Drives Car By Watching YouTube Video
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8-year-old Child Drives Car By Watching YouTube Video


It was 8 pm at night. His parents were sleeping. The 8-year-old took the opportunity and drive one and a half kilometer with his 4-year-old sister to eat in MacDonald’s.

When the incident came to light, people’s eyebrows were on the forehead. The incident took place in United States’ Ohao. However, when informed, their guardians recovered the brother-sister duo from a food shop. According to the child, he learned to drive from YouTube.

Local residents suspect something after seeing the boy was driving. They complain it to the police. An eyewitness said the child was driving the car in accordance with all types of laws and traffic signals. There were several turning and rail gate on his way. He didn’t cause any accident.

Local police officer Jacob Kolar looked surprised while talking. He said, “I may not believe it if the accident would take place in any other city.”

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